August 26th, 2021

Lagardère Travel Retail Italia supporting ENPA: new fundraiser for the "Cure Project” launched

Every year, Enpa, the National Animal Protection Agency, takes care of thousands of animals that are abandoned every day, in order to ensure their welfare and remove them from the risk of mistreatment and promoting their fostering with private individuals.

Always close to such important awareness-raising issues, Lagardère Travel Retail Italy has decided to support Enpa, launching a fundraiser in favour of the "Care Project", created to support the difficult mission of welcoming, caring for and feeding the more than 75,000 foundlings, of all species and breeds, who land in the shelters of the Agency or are cared for by volunteers in the territory.

Starting from today, 26th August until 9th September in fact, customers of Food & Beverage and Travel Essentials stores throughout the country, in exchange for the purchase of a coffee product or a bottle of water, will be able to donate €0.20 or more, which will be entirely donated to Enpa, thus allowing them to support the local sections of the association, providing them with food, medicines and veterinary visits for abandoned babies.