October 03rd, 2022

Lagardère Travel Retail Italia renews its support alongside the Umberto Veronesi Foundation in favor of the Pink is Good project

Once again this year Lagardère Travel Retail Italia is proud to support Pink is Good, the Umberto Veronesi Foundation's project to support scientific research on women's oncology.

From Oct. 3 to Oct. 31, in fact, customers at all Food & Beverage and Travel Essentials outlets throughout Italy will be able to decide to contribute to the fundraiser in favor of Pink is Good by donating €0.50, or more, against the purchase of a coffee or water bottle.

The proceeds raised, will be entirely donated to Pink is good, the Umberto Veronesi Foundation's project dedicated to fighting women's cancers.

As of 2014, there have been as many as 263 researchers funded by the Umberto Veronesi Foundation, and working to find innovative solutions in early detection, and new therapies against typically female cancers (breast, uterine, and ovarian).

Also this year, in October, Lagardère Travel Retail Italia chose to fight alongside the Umberto Veronesi Foundation, in support of the Pink is good project, in order to emphasize the importance of doing prevention, taking care of yourself, and supporting scientific research.