September 25th, 2023

Lagardère Travel Retail Italia: BACK TO SCHOOL initiative dedicated to students returns

Starting Sept. 25, the BACK TO SCHOOL initiative will restart, which guarantees college and high school students who present their badges a Student Card.

Upon showing the Student Card, the student is entitled to a 20% discount on a number of items in both the bar and the market department:

- BARs: all serving, window and counter products, excluding alcoholic beverages (e.g., liquor, wine, beer, aperitifs);

- MARKET: all packaged goods and beverages (excluding alcohol) are included, while ice cream is excluded.

N.B. Excluded from the discount are books, lighters, tax-free items (newspapers, scratch cards, lottery tickets and phone refills), active Combo Menus and other items already on promotion.

The BACK TO SCHOOL initiative will be active until August 31, 2024, only at the following outlets in the station:

  • Pescara Station: Briccocaffè
  • Brescia Station: Briccocaffè
  • Milan Garibaldi Station: Culto
  • Milan Garibaldi Station: Briccocaffè
  • Trieste Station: Briccocaffè
  • Padua Station: Briccocaffè
  • Padua Station: R&M
  • Padua Station: Natoo - Healthy All the Way
  • Vicenza Station: Briccocaffè
  • Venice Mestre Station: Bontà
  • Livorno Station: Briccocaffè