May 03rd, 2022

Lagardère Travel Retail Italia and Assi Gulliver renew their partnership for scientific research on Sotos Syndrome

Lagardère Travel Retail Italia is fielding a new fundraiser aimed at supporting Assi Gulliver, the Italian association for Sotos Syndrome, which works to promote the social inclusion of people with Sotos Syndrome and Malan Syndrome, support families, and boost scientific research.

In fact, between May 3 and May 31, 2022, customers of Lagardère Travel Retail Italia's Foodservice and Travel Essentials stores will be able to donate 50 cents, or more, against the purchase of coffee products or water bottles.

All proceeds raised will be donated to Assi Gulliver, and will support the association's activities, helping to further the awareness and education work that the organization does on a daily basis so that Sotos Syndrome and Malan Syndrome are known and diagnosed early.