December 05th, 2019

Lagardère Travel Retail inaugurates X-FOOD, a new format for Treviso airport

Venice, 5th December 2019 - The first point of sale of the new Lagardère format opens at Treviso airport: X-FOOD.

The new concept by Lagardère Travel Retail has been carefully designed to offer travellers a wider and more diversified choice of products ranging from coffee to desserts, sandwiches and cold drinks.

To make the experience inside X-FOOD easier and more pleasant, customers, following a path indicated at the entrance of the premises, will be able to choose what to enjoy and make the payment completely by themselves, using the self-service tills that characterize the point of sale.

Special attention has also been placed on the ambience. In line with the company's values, packaging that is mostly compostable or recyclable has been chosen, which will be sorted, by the customer. at the end of the meal in a special Ecological Area.

X-FOOD is a format that was developed, therefore, to respond to the need for modernity and efficiency that characterizes today's traveller, always looking for new entertaining innovations while traveling through the airport.