The innovative and international concept without giving up the "Italian taste of home"

C. Coffee Lovers finds the perfect combination between its international touch of the service and the typically Italian style. There is an evident choice in the concept and in the design of the store, thanks to a strongly distinctive brand identity that tells about journey from Venice to the most distant lands. "There is always time for coffee. Especially if the coffee is gourmet, delicious and makes you travel among the flavours of the whole world”. This is the spirit of C. Coffee Lovers, where the break becomes a dynamic and tasty experience: from espresso to American Coffee, from crunchy croissants to colourful donuts, from stuffed muffins and American cakes. We don’t miss out the bagels, sandwiches and savory snacks, but also fresh smoothies, for the ones who prefer healthier food.

The brand is characterized in a distinctive way, also through a line of branded merchandising, including a Venetian-themed superglam mug, offered in numerous versions.