Team spirit, Enthusiasm, Ethics, Innovation, Flexibility and Excellence are the values that identify our company.

The creation and maintenance of an excellent work environment are essential so that our employees can fully express their potential and feel valued and appreciated. Our values are expressed in everyday actions and must be clear, evident and replicable.


Team spirit

We work together to achieve common goals and support each other.



We adapt to any situation. We are intuitive and act quickly.



We think outside the box to anticipate changes and develop new approaches.



We continually put ourselves to the test to offer the best in everything we do.



We have a positive attitude and encourage people to use their talent.



We show reliability, trust and integrity at all times.

One Company

We have identified 4 behaviours that animate the 6 values ​​of our Group: we are committed to putting them into practice in everyday life in order to build a shared corporate culture, so as to become true protagonists of an irreversible change process. We align the words with the facts to give life to small successes and to build, in this way, a better workplace for everyone: this is the ONE COMPANY project

We help

At Lagardère Travel Retail we help others in their work. When customers or colleagues come to us with a problem to solve, we are available to help them. We all depend on each other in the organization and that is why we help each other. Giving and asking for help knows no role barriers or hierarchy.
"How can I help you?"
"How can we help each other get better results?"

We welcome

Let's make everyone feel part of the group. Let us always offer with a smile. Sometimes our positivity can make someone smile, but even our smile can generate positivity. We offer a small, unexpected act of kindness to colleagues and customers. Small attention can make a big difference to people. We all want to feel appreciated for our commitment. Let us not only think of what is wrong: positivity is the true strength of our working together.
"Did I appreciate the others for their contribution?"

We offer

When we notice that something must be done, in Lagardère Travel Retail we step forward and propose a way to do it. We take care of the problems. Doing something new is indeed a risk, but doing nothing is always a greater risk. We may not immediately arrive at the perfect solution, but we can always try a good one and then, together, find a better one for the next time.
"What is an action that we will do better or differently next time?"

We improve

At Lagardère Travel Retail each of us is responsible for improving processes. Everyday. For ourselves, our colleagues and our customers. Let's identify with our customers and think about their point of view.
"How can we do even better, differently or more effectively?"
"What would the customer say / ask now?"


Employee Value Proposition

In a competitive market and in constant development, we have adopted a unique and winning strategy.