Executive Committee


  • Niero

    Alberto Niero

    Chief Executive Officer

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    Graduated in Economics from the University of Venice, in 1989 he began his professional experience in the Coin Group as Head of Management and Commercial Control OVS. After about 6 years in the Coin Group, from 1995 to 2011 he held the position of Global Commercial Director in various international companies operating in the world of sportswear and fashion, including Benetton, Tecnica, Lotto, Staff International. In 2011 he joined Airest as Head of Sales & International Development, developing the business in the United Arab Emirates and China in particular, where he also held the position of General Manager. In 2013, following the acquisition of Airest by the Lagardère Group, he assumed the position of Sales, Marketing & Development Vice President Italy.
    In 2020, he became Chief Executive Officer, Italy.
    He loves sports, especially basketball and water sports.

  • Giorgio Fipaldini

    Chief Financial Officer & Chief Business Officer

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    Graduated in Management Engineering in Padua and obtained an MBA in Cardiff Business School in the UK, he gained many years of experience as an Accenture consultant in corporate restructuring projects and industrial plans, working with such international groups as Fiat Group, Electrolux Professional and General Electric. In 2006 Fipaldini joined the Save Group as a head of Strategic Planning, Business Development and Investor Relations. In 2010 he held the same roles, also assuming responsibility for the management control of the Airest Group, subsequently taking over the position of CFO of the company. At the end of 2013, following the acquisition of Airest by the Lagardère Group, he assumed the position of Chief Financial Officer of Lagardère Travel Retail Italy. Giorgio loves traveling and skiing and is found of cars.

  • Andrea Arrighi

    Human Resources & Organization Vice President

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    Andrea graduated in Law from the University of Ferrara and attended a specialization course on HR at the Bocconi University in Milan. After an experience in Enimont (chemistry) in the field of Labor Relations, he was responsible for the Industrial Relations of the Nordica / Benetton Sportsystem Group. From 1994 to 2002 Arrighi was an HR Director of the Seima Group (automotive components) and later Stefanel (fashion). From 2004 to 2010 he held the position of HR Director of Acegas Aps (multiutility) and then joined Airest with the same role, taking on the responsibility of Human Resources & Organization Vice President of Lagardère Travel Retail Italia from 2015. He loves traveling, reading books and newspapers by the sea.

  • Piero Fuggi

    Supply Chain & Customs Management VP

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    A graduate in Economics, he began the career as an ERP Consultant in the tobacco sector. In 2005 he assumed the role of IT Project Manager FCO - Fiumicino Airport Rome gaining many years of experience in re-engineering projects for sales, retail and maintenance processes. The first contact with Lagardère took place in 2013, with the participation in the start-up project of LTR Roma in the role of Chief Information Officer and responsible for relations with customs authorities. In 2017, after the acquisition of Airest by the Lagardère Group, Fuggi assumed the position of Supply Chain & Customs Management Vice President of Lagardère Travel Retail Italy. Piero loves travel fiction, opera and the piano.

  • Alberto Signor

    Chief Information Officer & Chief Technical Officer

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    After graduating in Computer Science at the University of Udine, and a brief experience as a UNIX system engineer, he took on the role of IT manager in SIMAC S.p.A and later in the Acciaierie Bertoli Safau. In 2010 Alberto became Airest's IT manager and in 2011 he definitively covered the role of CIO of the group. In 2015, following the acquisition by the Lagardère group and the subsequent reorganization, Signor became Chief Information Officer of Lagardère Travel Retail Italy. At the end of 2017 he also assumes the role of Chief Technical Officer. Alberto loves skiing, football and mountain climbing.

  • Velia Berardi

    Duty Free, Fashion e Travel Essentials Operations Vice President

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    After graduating as a Tourist Operator, in 1987 she joined the Travel Retail sector, becoming Shop Advisor, in the FCO Duty Free division - Fiumicino Airport Rome. In 1998 Velia became responsible for the logistics of the stores, up to covering in 2000 the role of Shop Supervisor for the PC part of all FCO sales points. In 2004 she took on the position of Store Manager of the most important sales point of Rome Airport (FCO1). In 2006 Berardi also held the same position for the FCO4 and FCO2 stores, until she became Operations Manager in 2008. Since 2018 he has held the role of Operations Vice President for the Duty Free & Fashion Business Line in Italy and since 2021 he has taken on the parallel role of Travel Essentials Operations Vice President in Italy. Velia loves the mountains and long walks in the open air. In her spare time Velia takes care of her garden.

  • Angelo Scafuto

    Angelo Scafuto

    Foodservices Operations Vice President

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    From 1983 to 2002, Angelo trained and grew professionally in the Autogrill group where he held important managerial roles in Operations. He continued his career in Chef Express until 2014 as Chief Operating Officer, further consolidating his already significant experience in the F&B and Travel Retail business. From 2014 to 2020 he was first in charge of innovation and then of the development and management of Camst's Commercial Catering Division, also coordinating the Banqueting & Catering activities. After a period as F&B Industry Senior Consultant, from August 2021 he will take on the role of Vice President F&B Operations at Lagardère Travel Retail Italia. He loves travelling, the sea and sport, and is a competitive dancer.

  • Francesca Tolentino

    Francesca Tolentino

    Legal Affairs Director

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    After graduating in Law in Bari, she obtained a diploma of specialisation for the legal professions and qualified as a lawyer, working in a law firm specialising in civil and commercial law. After completing a master's degree in law and international trade, her first experience as a corporate lawyer was in a multinational engineering company in Milan. In 2010, she took on the role of Head of Legal Affairs at Pam Franchising Spa, a company in the PAM Group (large-scale retail trade). She joined as Head of Legal Affairs in Airest in 2013 immediately before the acquisition by the Lagardère Group. She is currently Legal Affairs Director and DPO of the Italian companies of the Lagardère Travel Retail group.