The Group / Business Unit Italy

Lagardère Travel Retail is one of the four Lagardère Group divisions, together with Publishing, Sports & Entertainments and Active and is global leader in the travel retail sector.

From the first steps in the Travel Essential (1852), Duty Free (1965) and Food Service (1982) industries, it operates to date in 4300 shops through these three business units.

Separated from the famous B2C group brands (Relay, Aelia Duty Free, ...), Lagardère Travel Retail offers a unique and sought-after "B2C4B" approach, aiming at satisfying every single traveller during his/her journey guaranteeing the highest quality standards and thus maximising the creation of value for Landlord and Brand.


In Italy Lagardère Travel Retail operates and guarantee the development of the three business lines: Duty Free, Food Service and Travel Essential.

Duty free & Luxury: LS travel retail France is active in all product categories, including alcohol, perfumes and cosmetics, tobacco and specialised concepts in fashion and accessories, confectionery and fine delicatessen.

Foodservice: we offer the most attractive Catering brands, thanks to a portfolio that combines modernity and tradition, made in Italy and international appeal with owned brands such as Decanto, Homeburger, Rustichelli & Mangione or in franchising.

Travel essentials: our remarkable “News & Convenience" heritage is reflected in our unique portfolio of owned brands or in partnership and, of course, RELAY, which has become an undisputed retail name with proven reliability.