Leader with a strong presence in the catering sector that brings together industry experts from all over the world to develop reliable and successful partnerships.

The Foodservice is the driving business in Italy of the Lagardère Travel Retail group with a turnover of over 100,000 million euros in 2017 and 65 sales outlets throughout the country in the airport, railway and motorway channels. We focus on quality and operational excellence by offering a vast portfolio of the directly managed brands or the ones in collaboration with external partners, both globally and locally.

Lagardère Travel Retail's strategy is to create tailor-made solutions by analyzing the place where the store is located and the peculiarities of that territory, so as to express the value of "sense of place" the best way possible.

We address the target audience who differ in age, lifestyle and reference values ​​and we do it by taking into consideration what influences their choices, needs, expectations, behaviours and judgment criteria, with the aim of offering a unique and differentiated customer experience.

Sense of place

The offer in each Lagardère store is unique. We guarantee a selection of authentic regional, traditional and local products thanks to the precious collaborations with landlords and local suppliers.

Partner of choice

We work closely with the landlords and supplier partners, respecting the highest standards, in order to offer customers an unforgettable experience in terms of taste, aesthetics and immersion in tradition.


Guided by a sense of authenticity, we value the territory by combining international trends with local peculiarities in order to meet the needs of every traveler.

Digital Innovation

We make best use of the trends dictated by technological innovation and cutting-edge digital tools to provide our customers with satisfying experiences. We have implemented valuable partnerships with SmartHamster for the multilingual translation of menus, Visibilishop for monitoring the restaurants' e-reputation and G.I.U.L.I. for the digitalization of the order, so as to achieve our main objective: to gratify the customer